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Three things that may be affecting your neck or back pain at work!!

1: Posture:

How you set up your desk is important. If you’re craning your neck down, or hunching forward, certain muscles in the neck or back will get tired quickly. Overworking these muscles lead to muscle stiffness and eventually pain.

2: Time:

How long you work continuously is even more important. Even with “perfect” posture from a “perfect” desk set-up, eventually your muscles fatigue. You use slightly different muscles when you stand and move compared to sitting, so doing so gives the “office work” muscles a bit of a break!

3: Conditioning

In the end, it is whether your body is conditioned enough to take the load which you put your body through. It is very possible to train these posture muscles for strength and endurance, so that it can handle a long haul at the desk for a deadline on occasion.

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