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Yuti Pan Physiotherapist Yuti graduated from the University of Sydney with a Master of Physiotherapy degree. Prior to that, he completed his Bachelor of Science at Simon Fraser University in Canada. As a competitive badminton player growing up in Taiwan, Yuti understands that physiotherapy is an integral part of injury prevention, rehabilitation, and overall health

Dennis Hill Fung Ip Physiotherapy Dennis graduated from the University of Sydney, School of Physiotherapy in 2008. He initially practised in the hospital setting, which included Concord Repatriation General Hospital; Royal Prince Alfred Hospital; and overseas in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong for 3 years which provided him with a large exposure of patient presentations and treatment techniques.

Ivan Chik Principal Physiotherapist Ivan has obtained his physiotherapy degrees from The University of Newcastle with more than 10 years of private practice experience. Ivan has extensive experience as a sports physiotherapist in providing the rehabilitation of injuries to athletes. He has a strong passion for sports and has worked in various sports teams including

Kevin Ho Physiotherapist Dr Kevin Ho teaches Physiotherapy and Clinical Education at the Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney. He is a senior musculoskeletal physiotherapy clinician with a focus on consulting for people in the video gaming industry. He completed his PhD on sleep and musculoskeletal pain in 2020 and now leads musculoskeletal